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In 1984, Soror Ava Callender and Soror Cyril S. Hunt first discussed the idea of organizing a new Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. chapter in the New York City area. Sorors  Callender and Hunt embraced the thought of reclaiming Sorors who had graduated and were not affiliated with a graduate chapter, as well as sorors who had become inactive for various reasons.

After contacting sorors whom they believed might be interested, the group held its first meeting on December 2, 1985. At that time, eighteen sorors voted unanimously to formulate an interest group called the New York Pearls. By the second meeting, forty-two sorors had become members of the group.

On March 3, 1986, the New York Pearls Interest group traveled to Philadelphia, PA to meet with the Regional Director, Soror Ruth C. Easley to discuss the process of developing a new chapter. During this meeting, The New York Pearls discussed their various programs and commitments to service and submitted all of the require materials for chartering. The interest group had developed an affiliation with Henry Street Settlement's Urban Family Center Crisis Intervention unit. They provided a number of services including donating food and clothing for food banks, shelters, hospitals and day care centers. The New York Pearls' educational interest was reflected in their contribution of $500.00 to the National Educational Advancement Foundation.

On March 10, 1986, the New York Pearls Interest group received the good news from Soror Ruth C. Easley that the Directorate of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., had approved their charter application. On June 28, 1986 their chartering ceremony was held at Sweetwater's Restaurant in Manhattan and the new chapter, Pi Kappa Omega, joined the ranks of the other graduate chapters in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

The Charter members of Pi Kappa Omega:
Wanda R. Austin
Michele Clayton
Marlene Ward-DePetris
Gayle Ford
Katrina L. Hunt
Virginia K. Lee
Janis A. Nero
Susan R. Tillman
Sonja M. Wilson
  Pamela R. Bailey
Jaydeane M. Coram
Christine Dudley
Miriam B. Frances
Karen M. Jallah
Colleen Y. Levine
Pauline J. Phillips
Ruth L. Tudos
Sherrie Woodland
  Ava Callendar
Mary H. Crosby
Delethia Ferguson
Gia C. Garel
Sandra Jamison
Vanessa A. Martin
Ina Thorner
Latricia F. Ward
Latoya Wigfall
  Patricia H. Clark
Charyl P. Curry
Jacqueline Fleming
Cyril S. Hunt
Ardena F. Layne
Robin C. McClary
Nellie D. Thorton
Rita Webb-Smith


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